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Homes sell faster

“Should I go solar if I plan on selling my home soon?”

The concern here is that, if you were to install solar then later sell your home, you won’t have enjoyed the savings on your energy costs long enough to repay the investment in your system.

That’s a valid question – the longer you can enjoy energy savings the better, of course. However, here’s some good news if you’re planning on selling:

  • Homes with solar sell for a premium of $15,000 more on average (and they sell faster), according to a study by the U.S. Department of Energy

Most homeowners aren’t sure they’ll stay in their home for the lifetime of their system (25-30 years or more) and solar is still a wise move for them financially.

In fact, many real estate investors install solar to boost the value of their properties.

So, if your current home isn’t your “forever home”, that’s OK. Solar is still worth purchasing for two simple reasons:

  1. You’ll save money starting now
  1. You’ll make more when you sell your home (and it will be easier to sell)

We’ll crunch the numbers for you to show you how much you’ll save over the years in a custom proposal we will prepare for your home. If that’s something you’re open to exploring, please send me an email.

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