Renting? – Kurt Shafer is Your Solar Power Expert


If you rent your house or you rent space for your business you might think you cannot get the attractive power bill savings from solar power. That has changed. 

I can show your landlord how to make money while reducing your power cost by installing zero down solar power. 

If you are in a rented house then all you need to do is email me your power bill and the owner name and email and phone. I will handle the contact with the owner to show him or her how to get solar at zero down, reduce YOUR bill, and pocket a nice income from selling you the power. I will also show the owner how solar will increase the value of the house. 

If you are a retail establishment then do the same thing – send me your power bill and the name, phone and email for the landlord. I will handle contact with the landlord to show the same value of installing solar for you and for all the other tenants.

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Questions? Call me! Kurt Shafer 951-296-3611 

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