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Antique Pool Table for Sale

I am selling  a restored Brunswick Balke Collender table that was patented in 1911 and named the Homewood. It has sides of 1/4 sawn oak that have what many describe as angel’s wings.  It was restored in 1985 and has all the original pieces and original markings. Each piece has the same 6 digit number stamped on it.

This table was valued at $6500 in 1990. Tables similar to this sell today for $10,000 or  more.  The playing surface is new felt and measures 50 inches wide and 100 inches long BETWEEN the felt bumpers. It is being offered for sale for a low $1500. 

I comes with a letter of authenticity from a well known appraiser, Joe Newell – he says the sides are ribbon figured mahogany but he was in error on that. 

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